Outreach Links

On this page you will find links to some of the organisations the Charlestown Christadelphians support and are involved in.


    Ignite Newcastle is a local community group that finds a way of extending the principles of Jesus to the wider community in acts of love, service and support. Ignite Community Newcastle aims to enhance and enrich all who are associated with it, and actively strengthen youth, families and community by relevant engagement and Christian value based activities.  

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  • AGAPE IN action


    Agape in Action is a vibrant organisation dedicated to providing long term support to children, families and communities living in extreme poverty. Agape in Action is a volunteer organisatiuon and is committed to keeping it that way. With over 98 cents of every dollar donated going directly to help those in need you can be assured that your donation is making a real difference. 

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  • australian christadelphian bible mission

    The ACBM (Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission Inc.) works in conjunction with the United Kingdom Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM), the Christadelphian Bible Mission of the Americas (CBMA) and the Christadelphian Bible Mission of South Africa (CBMSA) to preach the gospel throughout the world. The ACBM has been established by and is responsible to the Christadelphian community in Australia and New Zealand. Its area of responsibility is from the Indian sub-continent across Asia and the Pacific.

    Initiatives include:

    • oversee and co-ordinate the preaching and pastoral work overseas

    • foster the formation and spiritual development of Christadelphian ecclesias (communities) overseas

    • provide, where necessary, financial and welfare assistance to members

    • monitor and evaluate the work of its appointed fieldworkers

    The ACBM consists of a number of entirely voluntary committees and teams created to work in the following areas:

    • tutor those who have registered for Bible Correspondence Courses

    • correspond with those having shown interest in the Scriptures

    • establish working groups to co-ordinate activity in specific countries

    • visit overseas countries to preach

    • visit overseas countries to support local Christadelphians

    • promote and seek financial support within the Christadelphian brotherhood in Australia and New Zealand for the work of the ACBM

    • administration of the mission operations and finances in an honest and proper manner

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    Christadelphian Aged Care is an experienced aged care provider that has been serving the community for 65 years. We believe in a holistic approach to care that respects each individual and promotes the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all our residents. As a charitable, not-for-profit organisation all surplus funds are reinvested back into caring for our residents and facilities. The Christadelphians are a Bible-based community. We believe that by caring for the aged and frail we are demonstrating Jesus Christ’s love, mercy and compassion in a practical way.

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    Carelinks consist of a group of Christadelphians across the globe whose aim is to preach the Gospel and offer pastoral care to our fellow believers, especially those baptised by ourselves. Members are represented in America, Australia, South Africa, the UK and both Eastern and Western Europe, which effectively means that the work continues around the clock and someone will always be available to respond to requests for information and calls for help and support. Carelinks were initiated to support pastoral and welfare work among the poor and suffering Brothers and Sisters after the principles of Christ's Good Samaritan example, that is loving our neighbour as ourselves.

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